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Internal research

VitaK has a strong internal research program from which we generate both patents and publications. Most of our profits are re-invested our internal research. Areas in which we are active are:

  1. Disease prevention. Significant efforts are made in disease prevention, with a focus on cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease.

  2. New biomarkers, notably in the cardiovascular area. One example is UCMA/GRP, a project in which we collaborate with the University of Algarve at Faro (Portugal).

  3. Vitamin K. VitaK is the largest research group on vitamin K worldwide. We focus on health effects of vitamin K and its use in preventing age-related diseases.

  4. Confidential matters. Most of our internal research remains confidential until all patent options have been screened.