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Contract research for thirds parties

VitaK offers its scientific potential to clients who want to solve specific research questions. To our clients we count a number of multinationals and listed companies in Europe as well as in the USA. Typical clients are universities, dairy industries, food industries, pharmaceutical industries and diagnostics industries.

Topics for collaboration include:

  1. Biomarker development, with a focus on biomarkers for cardiovascular disease, bone and cartilage disease and chronic kidney disease.

  2. Gla-proteins, i.e. the proteins that are formed in a vitamin K-dependent way. Conformation-specific assays differentiating between active and inactive Gla-proteins have proven to be of major diagnostic utility.

  3. Matrix Gla-Protein (MGP), the Gla-protein synthesized in the vessel wall. Conformation-specific assays have been developed in collaboration with IDS, and are exclusively performed at the VitaK laboratories.

  4. Phylloquinone and menaquinone detection. We offer this technique for measurement in blood plasma/serum, food and supplements, and we are unique in the commercial assessment of the long-chain menaquinones MK-7, MK-8, MK-9 and MK-10.

  5. Cohort analysis. New and existing biomarkers are offered for testing large population-based cohorts in epidemiological studies. The standard procedure is that we test blindly and send the coded data to the client.

  6. In vitro cell culture systems can be grown in our dedicated labs. We have a long experience with human cells (e.g. human vascular smooth muscle cells) and cell lines (e.g. the osteoblastic MG63 line).

  7. In vitro skin culture systems. Commercially available in vitro skin models closely parallel human skin and form a useful tool in skin research. VitaK is specialized in culturing these in vitro skin models and offers its technologically advanced skin applications to other parties.

  8. Experimental animal facilities. VitaK has no experimental animal facilities of its own, but has access to the University’s facility.

  9. Human intervention studies are performed for many clients. VitaK is capable to handle all aspects of intervention trials, but we can also assist you with parts of such trials (e.g. recruitment and intake, blood sampling or statistics).