Vitak, Maastricht University
Innovative Medical Devices
Innovation & Research


1988:  The Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM) was founded.


2001:  Maastricht University founded Vitak Innovation in Life Science. 


2006:  Our expertise and infrastructure for executing human intervention trials was made available for third parties in the food-, pharmaceutical-, and medical devices industry. 


2010:  Vitak Innovation in Life Science reported a conformation-specific Assay for Vascular Matrix Gla-Protein (MGP) which is predictive for cardiovascular mortality both in various patient groups and in the healthy population.


2010:  Vitak Innovation in Life Science focused on the development of Point of Care and In Vitro Diagnostics.


2012:  Our specialized diagnostic facilities were expanded with a Routine Diagnostics Service in which both newly developed biomarkers and commercially available markers are routinely tested for third parties (mainly academic groups as well as the food-, pharmaceutical-, and medical devices industry).


2014:  Opening of our office in the United Arab Emirates. This office is our point of support and center of activities in the Middle East. 


2016:  Introduction of Vita K Meter (Point of Care)


2016:  Introduction of prototype TransCare (In Vitro Diagnostics)


2017:  Introduction of StiffnoGraph (Point of Care)